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My blog is a personal blog and it's NSFW.
I also don't tag everthing, I should get on that...

Oh, and if you haven't already noticed, I'm OBSESSED with Metalocalypse.

Toki and Skwisgaar are forever my major OTP (As are Nathan and Pickles as well). <3

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Laptops acting up but update on my tagging status

Still not taking NSFW things, but I am going to try to tag specific characters in Metalocalypse pictures along with pairings. 

I don’t know if this will be perminent, my laptop is at the end of it’s days and it all depends on how much time I have when reblogging things. I’m hoping to organize my blog in the near future with tags. Keep tuned for more updates.

Okay, I guess now I can’t… I’m asshamed of my own art now.

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Drew some today

I remembered some old OCs and sort of redrew them. Was possibly going to give them away, but I’m waiting for reactions. Also including in Kir who I redrew for an rp—I’m also trying to find things to keep me awake and busy, but other than painting piggy banks to sell at school, I’ve got nothing…

If you like them, please let me know. I’ve had very low self esteem lately and I could use some encouragement. Things at school have been shitty and… well.. I don’t know anymore really. I somehow feel like everyone’s forgotten about me or hates me. I’m afraid to message anyone because I just feel… that I’m going to piss someone off.

Anyways, enjoy.

I’m also open to any rps right now with either Dethklok or original characters.

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Shitstorms? No, thanks


It’s something I’m thinking about for a long time. And I think now is the time to get out of my little shell.
Why do people start to send hate or mock other people for what they like or dislike? Like…for example:
There’s someone who’s thinking about a character of a show in an asexual or bisexual…

I agree with this 100%.
Actually it’s part of the reason I’m only on tumblr every once in a while now instead of regularly—I get enough drama at school. 
No one should have their opinions bashed because someone doesn’t share the same belief, it’s just stupid! What is it accomplishing? They’re just making another feel bad!







softcisphobia makes a blog post saying how they need money for diabetes related things. It gets around 1000 notes at the time of writing. This then happens.
I am extremely annoyed by this shit. Do you know why? Because they mouthed me off saying that I wanted them to die (just because I thought they shouldn’t be begging from the tumblr community), and now they spend the money on FUCKING FALLOUT! So by their logic, they now want themselves to die. I am so done with this site.

So you guys remember this post right? Well, as I said a few days ago, some lovely person has given me a shitton of evidence that idislikecispeople has a lot more stuff than just this that she could easily sell on if she needed money and is proof that she just wastes it.
So first part, here’s her room from 2 years ago, with a lot of tech: 
Some 18 carat gold pikachu earrings: 
And, of course, a lot of expensive clothing:
http://platypusbears.tumblr.com/post/82454655561/sickselfie-for-the-anon-later-nerds-im-gonna (hollister)
http://37.media.tumblr.com/4e941985cba27f7a3480ec274c12e007/tumblr_n2n9fwnGsC1qbyjmko2_500.jpg (Pink is pretty damn expensive)
http://38.media.tumblr.com/383814d1593904df4e3abc5c4ee694af/tumblr_mwl7nqfBrR1qbyjmko1_1280.jpg (Hollister)
http://31.media.tumblr.com/e197c774606e317756c954adc9f8d754/tumblr_mwbr964QvH1qbyjmko1_500.jpg (Hollister Cardigan)
http://38.media.tumblr.com/681b52110b43a023bb1b8fff0f9fbd13/tumblr_mpqu61tBlY1qbyjmko1_1280.jpg (Holltiser)
http://38.media.tumblr.com/c32252f7e715484a02839ff2681c47e0/tumblr_mplai7Dj2e1qbyjmko1_1280.jpg (Ambercrombie)
http://31.media.tumblr.com/145cc4fbeb073b3c461b6a839c74214f/tumblr_mlqbxj02Au1qbyjmko1_1280.jpg (Hollister)
http://33.media.tumblr.com/766fa7f7869942a5aa730da1fc72a48b/tumblr_ml5x8gwK1N1qbyjmko1_1280.jpg (Hollister)
http://31.media.tumblr.com/70758d69d80fc1120b1f5bb61eb71a3e/tumblr_mkp165S88F1qbyjmko1_1280.jpg (Hollister)
http://38.media.tumblr.com/787ac750dc4bda0dce8a25d1b851d176/tumblr_mkhumgLSN31qbyjmko1_1280.jpg (Hollister)
http://38.media.tumblr.com/0e9adb1aaf10ef27bea95b0b93efcece/tumblr_mk589cDx6r1qbyjmko1_1280.jpg (Hollister)
http://31.media.tumblr.com/a84faa0753afeabb2001dd5282ae2826/tumblr_mihp1bdx741qbyjmko1_1280.jpg (Hollister)
http://37.media.tumblr.com/ac2e184a51ac837c93d1b9bd721c54f8/tumblr_n499puYcww1qbyjmko2_250.jpg (Hollister)
Those are just tops. Plus, if her insulin was so damn expensive, how come her parents could afford to cover her hormones for 6 years?She’s also proven to have the newest nexus 5, ps4, wiiu and 3ds.And the kicker? On her wishlist, there are no insulin related products whatsoever.
I again thank the wonderful person that gave me these links to work with - I would show them off to the world because they’re amazing (and have put some effort into this research), but they wish to remain anonymous, and so they shall.

Reblogging from my personal because this shit is important.-Mannion

I don’t want to be the nag here but when you’re miserable, you don’t always have to buy things associated with your disease.
I’m handicapped, I have a laundry list of problems but I don’t buy only things that have to do with any of them. She bought herself a treat, and who’s to say she hasn’t gotten the things that she needed, sold the things that she didn’t anymore and decided to get herself something fun.
Say I needed money for a scooter, there was a kick starter and I got more than enough. So I got the scooter, a few home repairs and then went and used what was left for a few tickets to comic con? Would I be bad?
No. Because those were donations and I am allowed to use the money how I want to. She could have used the money to get her insulin and whatever else and one day gone out and said “hey, I haven’t had any fun, here’s a $15 game, can’t hurt because I’m okay now”

softcisphobia is not a good person. This post didn’t go into the laundry list of crap she’s pulled and done.
Think Anita levels of bullshit when it comes to donated money. I’m disabled and asked for money to pay off my medicare and that’s what I used it for. If she really was so desperate for money, like she claimed she was, then she would have used it for the intended purpose that it was for.
Believe me, if you have a closet full of Hollister and Ambercrombie, then you are not pressed for cash. That shit is extremely expensive to say the least.
Same with Wii, Nexus 5, ps4, WiiU, and 3DS. It’s clear she’s not strapped for cash at all.

While that may be true, I don’t use my money for everything I need for my health, sometimes you just need to blow off steam.
My closet is filled with American Eagle and Express, I’m usually not strapped for cash but maybe I just don’t see bashing someone because they took some of their cash and had some fun with it. Also, who’s Anita? The only one I know is Anita Blake and I know that’s not right

You&#8217;re backing their actions up? That&#8217;s unfair. It&#8217;s not hard to understand wanting something to cheer you up in a difficult time, but when people donate money for a SPECIFIC thing than it should be spent on that SPECIFIC thing. Meds aren&#8217;t something to fuck around with either honey.You see, I&#8217;m on several medications and I know how pricey they can get. I remember my parents trying to save up a $1000 each month so that I could stay on my meds. I remember having to cut pills in half, to save the powder, anything that could help me keep focus when I was in school. I&#8217;m going to a transition center now because my problems held me back from attending school regularly. Everytime I had to go into the doctor and be taken off something, put on something else in hopes it&#8217;d cure my problems.What this girl did was wrong. It&#8217;s disgusting when people take advantage of others and use their money on something they were suppose to save up for ANOTHER DAY! "Oh I can&#8217;t live without this game!" No honey, you can&#8217;t live without your insolin. What&#8217;s worse than people like them are people who make EXCUSES for them. I find fun in many things and find ways to distract myself without having to sink so low as to spend money given to me by a comunity to help me stay in good health on something as unimportant as a videogame! Don&#8217;t get me wrong, I love videogames! DRAGON AGE IS MY BABY! But what they did doesn&#8217;t even sit well for me.Nice clothes are one thing, as are videogames, but what they&#8217;d given them money for&#8212;what they SAID they were going to use their money for&#8212;was something they DIDN&#8217;T BUY! If they had money left over it&#8217;s one thing, but to buy something because you merely wanted it and knew others would continue to give money is APAULING! This is just like people who use financial care offices to pay them so they don&#8217;t have to work a day in their life! It may be worse because these people ACTUALLY GAVE their money to them! The tax payers don&#8217;t get a say in who their money goes to, but these people went out of their way to give this person money and they chose to waste it on a videogame that&#8212;in my opinion&#8212;isn&#8217;t even worth it! (I own it and yes, it&#8217;s not worth wasting your moeny for your medication on!)THIS DIGUSTS ME!And don&#8217;t back them up because, &#8220;Everyone needs a moment away from the world just to enjoy themselves&#8221;. BULLSHIT! We do, but we shouldn&#8217;t put it ahead responsibilities as dire as getting your insolin shots!You know what? I&#8217;m calling bullshit!If someone who has a serious medical condition were to waste money for their medications in order to get a FUCKING VIDEOGAME OF ALL THINGS&#8212;they souldn&#8217;t be helped. Bullshit&#8212;I almost think this person lied about it. I&#8217;m calling it out. For someone who&#8217;s got insomnia, bipolarism, ADHD, and use to have depression; I know for a fact, if they didn&#8217;t have money to buy this medication they wouldn&#8217;t waste it so easily. I WOULDN&#8217;T.MOST WOULDN&#8217;T.YOU PROBABLY WOULDN&#8217;T.

this is literally mario kart

I just can&#8217;t stop laughing at this, please someone help me!

Okay, I’m going to bed for real now.



I’m 22 so definitely not a thing I could have gone to lol. That really sucks you couldn’t, I get how you feel though. Like I had the biggest…I don’t even know how to describe it I wasn’t writing and I was depressed and wasnt’ even really listening to music anymore, but then I found Doomstar Requiem and just after it finished I started writing so much poetry and listening to music and it just filled me with emotion for the first time in months. So his work in general has done so so much for me lately. So I definitely know what you mean about that.

Those kids definitely got talent and potential. I hope they can get into what they want to get into when they get older, by the time they reach their twenties they’ll be insanely talented.

I know exactly what you mean because it was much the same for me. I’d watched the show off and on for a while but it wasn’t until about 5 years ago I started watching it seriously. My sister and I created a bond over it and it was the only thing that was keeping my depression down at the time. Even when I was stuck at home trying out new meds to help fix my problems it was always something I knew I could turn to to make me smile. I actually went out and bought all the boxsets and CDs in order to help boost Brendon’s sales. It saddens me when people download his music and show illegally because he’s actually losing out on money he could be putting into the production of it.

I remember when my house was foreclosed on at the end of the school year when I was already failing my classes. I’d also been going through strange dizzy spells and stomach aches. It killed me to be without cable for the time because the 4th season was just airing during that time. Not too long after I got my cable back and cried at the very last episode of season 4 which I had to watch late that morning due to my cousin from Sweden being at my house and my sister and her drinking and accidentally hurting themselves/getting in a fight with my sister’s exboyfriend. 

Long story short, his work inspired me so and even brought me out of my drawing slump and writing slump. I worked my ass off to get out of my anime style work and into some cartoon styled work which looked god awful at the time.



I was working so hard after I started being inspired by the show and his music, but what inspired me most was his personality and his concert. Part of the reason I respect Brendon so much is that he’s like me—he can’t sit still for 2 seconds. He ALWAYS has to be working on something. I always thought of it as a flaw in my personality but he made me see differently. He’s become so much from that trait and uses it to his advantage. He’s done about everything and if I could pick his brain for an hour, I know I’d be so incredibly happy.

But the concert—oh the concert! That too happened around the time the house was foreclosed on. Right after the season ended it was announced he was going to be playing in Wisconsin that summer. The tour was delayed and I was upset. Of course I live in Minnesota so it would have been a decent drive to get there, but I didn’t care… 

Then it happened, the tour was set to continue, and where of all places? Minnesota. It was also one of his first stops on his tour. My dad picked up our tickets WAY in advance and although I was sick, dizzy, and couldn’t attend school at the time, I was determined to go. It was my very first concert on top of things… I never asked my parents for anything and always delt with second best. My sister had so many things she wanted I felt I shouldn’t ask for things—this included concerts.  

So I dressed up that day in what I believed to be an adorable outfit—it was sort of… but in the pictures I look horrid… We got there early and I abandoned my plans to try out the mosh pit as soon as I noticed just how many people were getting hurt in it by tripping and accidentally getting stomped on. Still, I moved close to the stage—watched a man dressed like a klokateer (Sort of… he worked for the club but he put on a klokateer hood to make it special) setting up.

A man came and talked ot me and we actually interacted for any in betweens during the concert. He was actually quite attractive and the fact he actually came to talk to me made me so happy because I’ve always been concidered “ugly” when the reality of the matter is I’m not very unappealing… just fat—which I can admit and not be offended by. He even told me my sense of humor was great and encouraged me to try out for amature comedy which I’ve still yet to do. Even my sister found him attractive and was shocked he hadn’t talked to her but to me. (She’s actually very pretty and has been told she could easily model… I agree fully) She was happy for me and I was happy for myself this one night.

Not only was these parts great, but when Brendon actually went on stage there was a passion I could see in his performance. Even later videos didn’t capture what I saw. He was excited. It was a small room but he was excited to perform and put his heart and soul into every key, note, and break he had. What people have yet to realize is that when he arrived at many of these other states he was tired… I got to experience his performance while he was still wired and at the peak of his level. I was completely in awe—he sounded much better live than when I listened to him on CD which is so often rare with musicians from what I’ve heard.
Each character, each moment… he felt everything he spoke and sang. You could see it in his expressions, and when it was done I still was shaking. My heart hadn’t calmed a bit.

As shocking as this may be it very well might have been the greatest experience of my life.

So to not be able to go and play with him because of money troubles and my age… it was heart breaking… I’d always been too young for most things but for once in my life I was actually too old for something… Something I wanted to participate in so badly. I wanted to sing on stage, to talk to the man, to see just what all he thinks about… and I may never get that experience.

Still, as far as you feel—I’m positive when I say, I know exactly how it is.

P.S. I apologize for rambling… I looked to add a read more piece on this post but I can’t with this one…

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This made my day better!
Songs being performed: Abigails Lullaby, Some Time Ago, The Duel, and I Believe

The Abigale singer was good….but wtf happened with everyone else? that was awful! D: 

No fucking clue what you mean, that was fucking awesome.

Was this at the camp!?!

Yeah man, middle school kids and teenagers

There was two sad things about that camp that kept me from going.
1. I’d just turned 19 a couples months before hand 
2. My family was going through money troubles and were afraid to send me off on my own there.
I about cried when I couldn’t go… I’m not even kidding you.
Brendon Small’s such an inspiration to me and to have gotten a chance to actually speak and work with him would have been a dream come true.

But enough of my depressing whinning. 
They did wonderful and I hope they all had a wonderful time.
They all did such a great job. <3

When people say their going to bed and are going to cuddle with their pillows.Seriously people, would it god damn kill you if I snuggle with you? People look at me odd when I hug them or try to snuggle up to them and it&#8217;s upsetting. I mean, it isn&#8217;t even anything sexual, it&#8217;s just I want to cuddle someone. Not some random stranger but a friend or something, fuck!

MBTI Personality Types as Pokemon!


ESFP- Lilligant
ESTP- Charizard
ENFP- Arcanine
ENTP- Rotom
ESFJ- Kangaskhan
ESTJ- Blastoise
ENFJ- Celebi
ENTJ- Garchomp
ISFP- Smeargle
ISTP- Froslass
INFP- Gardevoir
INTP- Alakazam
ISFJ- Dragonite
ISTJ- Bisharp
INFJ- Espeon
INTJ- Mewtwo


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Dicks on my dash board, dicks on my wall~
Dicks here on camera, dicks in the hall~
When you’re in trouble, don’t fear to call~
'Cause dicks will be shakin' their hairy wrecking balls~

This has been a good day.

Too bad I’ve been REALLY slow with my Tarot card… but I got a start. Unfortunately I’m getting tired and dizzy…