I'm classy in a bad way.

My blog is a personal blog and it's NSFW.
I also don't tag everthing, I should get on that...

Oh, and if you haven't already noticed, I'm OBSESSED with Metalocalypse.

Toki and Skwisgaar are forever my major OTP (As are Nathan and Pickles as well). <3

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Metalocalypse Drawing Challenge! (keep the party going!  keep the party going!)
16: Draw Toki emulating Il Sodoma’s painting ‘St. Sebastian’!
Ahhh, I finally get to put all those art history classes to use  XD  Turned out a more like a Leonard da Vinci sketch instead of Il Sodoma but.. I imagine this is kinda what it would look like if the Doomstar Requiem was depicted in the Renaissance (I thought it would be neat to replace the arrows in the original painting with Toki’s chains)

Beautiful and heartbreaking!  

So many things&#8230; I&#8217;m dying&#8230; It&#8217;s so many of my loves together&#8230; I&#8212;it&#8217;s just too perfect.
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Anonymous asked: Toki 17


beaten up


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iamsguitarsgod asked: Number 6 + Skwisgaar ;)


image°v° …my hand slipped…??

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Metalocalypse Drawing Challenge! (I’m still going!)
17: Draw Nathan using an entirely yellow color scheme!
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au after doomstar they all apologize to toki and skwis ends up gross sobbing and repeating ‘im sorry’ for like 3 hours and everyone else won’t stop hugging toki and asking if he’s ok. then they all make out for like 4 hours while crying and apologizing.
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This discount is brutal.
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Models sport fake eyebrow piercings that were the beauty look on the Rodarte runway. Photo: ashleyjahncke

Is that Toki and Skwisgaar trying to be Pickles?
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this looks nothing like him so what the fuck
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I gave Toki a frying pan and
Idk what else i expected actually

I love that&#8212;happened with Abigail on mine. She made spoiled milk&#8230; how someone makes spoiled milk is beyond me.
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why mjell shouldn’t draw stuff while high.also, rusty colouring skills are rusty! o.oseriously, i don’t understand why nobody drew magnus+yandereface.jpg combo yet

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